By Michael Slezak
Updated February 25, 2010 at 10:21 PM EST

American Idol is going back to its roots for its season 9 exit song. A 19 Entertainment spokesperson confirms that “Leave Right Now,” by Will Young (the winner of season one of AI‘s British predecessor Pop Idol), will help usher out booted contestants beginning with tonight’s initial semifinal results show all the way through the end of May. Thematically speaking, it’s probably the harshest and most succinctly titled adieu, so brace yourself for the sight of sobbing singers as Mr. Young croons the words “I think I better leave right now/ I’m feeling weaker and weaker/ Somebody better show me out/ Before I fall any deeper/ I think I better leave right now.” Then again, at least it’s not Jojo’s “Leave (Get Out).”

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