By Ken Tucker
Updated February 24, 2010 at 06:55 PM EST

The View welcomed Nadya Suleman this morning. Dressed in a low-cut mini-dress with go-go boots that made her look like a 1960s dancer on Shindig, Suleman talked rapidly, sometimes babblingly.

The hosts asked about her exercise regimen and showed published pictures of her in a small bathing suit. The Octomom said, “I did this for revenue. I’m very up-front about that.” But then she denied she was doing it for money, and downplayed her exercise time, saying her babies came first.

So it went: She asserted one thing and denied it the next minute. “I digress very easily,” she said by way of explaining her odd behavior. She also laughed and laughed, frequently at… nothing. It was all very unnerving. It even unnerved Joy Behar and Sherri Shepherd, who remarked on her behavior. Suleman’s answer? She shrieked and basically freaked out:

Whoopi Goldberg cut through the malarkey: “Do you understand that some people think… maybe you’re not quite all there?” The audience applauded.

“I love your question,” Suleman responded.

Me, I hope Suleman keep getting booked on as many TV shows as possible.

Why? Well, I figure, the more time she spends making media appearances, the less time she spends with her 14 kids, and the better off they’ll be…

Or perhaps you disagree?

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