Image Credit: Dave M. Benett/Getty ImagesSo this happened: Angela Chase and Jordan Catalano! Together! Again! I mean Claire Danes and Jared Leto bumped into each other at an event in London. But still.

In my head, this is the My So-Called Life reunion movie that will obvs never happen. It’s the Liberty High School reunion — or maybe a Mr. Holland-style tribute to Mr. Katimski? — and the whole gang is back in town. Jordan, though, never really left; such is the fate of the marginally literate stoner dude who doesn’t know a good thing (one Ms. Angela Chase) when he’s got it. Rickie and Rayanne probably decamped for New York, where he’s now a counselor at a GLBT youth center and her stage career is really gaining steam — sometimes she still uses that Our Town monologue as an audition piece. They managed to stay BFFs, but they haven’t seen Angela in a while; after she left for college, they tried to keep in touch, but this was back in 1997, before everyone used e-mail and all. Angela’s heard from Brian a few times — their parents are still neighbors, so she’s strangely up-to-date on his post-MIT life — and of course Sharon Cherski has two kids already. Angela has surprised herself by actually becoming really tight with her sister Danielle, who’s poised to take over the family printing business should Patty ever decide to retire or switch gears to help with Graham’s restaurant. These days, Angela works in Philly for a non-profit that helps teenage runaways, mostly by giving them boots.

Do me one better, PopWatchers. Where are the My So-Called Life characters now?