Here’s your first look at the movie poster for the dark David Duchovny-Demi Moore comedy The Joneses (releases April 16). They star as the seemingly perfect couple next door that move into a gated community with their equally perfect children (Zombieland’s Amber Heard and The Beautiful Life‘s Ben Hollingsworth) and become the envy of all. The twist: They’re not a family, they’re employees of a stealth marketing company with the job of making their neighbors and classmates want what they’ve got. The price tags on the poster are a nice touch, even if they make me feel bad about myself: I can’t keep up with a $1,500 leather jacket. Things get complicated when Duchovny’s character begins wanting to play house with his boss (Moore) and a real-life drama threatens to blow their cover. A clever plot and the first pairing of Duchovny and Moore (as a sarcastic, submissive smartass and a domineering tease) — I’m in. You?