By Margaret Lyons
Updated February 24, 2010 at 09:45 PM EST

New York-area cable provider Cablevision announced today that it has developed a “PC to TV Media Relay” system that would wirelessly display content from its users’ computers to a dedicated channel on their TV screens. Cool! Just…like all the other ways to get stuff from your computer onto your TV, including but not limited to Boxee, other HTPCs, or just plugging the two into each other. Cablevision’s system theoretically has the advantage of being a simpler way to connect the two devices, and unlike Boxee, you should be able to watch iTunes content with their service as well (which is a pretty big deal, especially as Apple is now toying with a lower-priced $0.99-an-episode model). However, Cablevision’s plan has the disadvantage of, well, requiring that you have cable — it only works if you have both Cablevision cable and Cablevision Internet. Quite simply, Cablevision is in the business of making sure you don’t drop your cable TV subscription when you discover you can watch just about anything online, while other HTPC outfits are in the business of just getting content on your TV.

So, PopWatchers, does Cablevision’s plan seem like best of both worlds (cable and Web content on your big TV screen), or does it just sound like having to pay one bill too many? Who’s already unplugged the cable from their TV and taking an Internet-only approach?