By Annie Barrett
Updated February 24, 2010 at 06:16 PM EST

On last night’s American Idol, Siobhan Magnus (who, according to Slezak, looks a little like Doctor Who‘s Billie Piper) made an impression by singing Chris Issak’s iconic ballad “Wicked Game.” My first thought ran along the lines of “Ooh, yay, a decent, smart, unexpected song choice!” But I was soon overwhelmed by flashbacks of the Rachel ‘n’ Ross Doin’ It in the Planetarium scene from Friends. This keeps happening — remember when I got excited/embarrassed that the emergence of Yemen in the real (read: non-PW) news made me think of Chandler? I never considered myself a Friends fanatic (related: I have no friends), but I guess it’s stuck with me more than expected. Let’s relive history!

“The little cluster of stars next to the big one? That is Randykara Major.” The weird thing is I loved “Wicked Game” long before that episode of Friends, and would sort of prefer to think of the Very Sexy Video for Wicked Game instead of ROSS AND RACHEL. I don’t quite understand why so many of my pop culture awareness needs to be rooted in Friends, but the effect is irreversible at this point. I just need to go with it. Damn you, Monica Geller!

Does anyone else “suffer” from a Friends-dominated frame of reference? And how do I make friends?

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