Yo Gabba Gabba continues its streak of bizarrely perfect celeb guests when season three kicks off in a few weeks. Marvel at the wonder that is Anthony Bourdain in a lab coat:

So yummy, so yummy!

I love Bourdain, and I love me some YGG. But part of the children's entertainment conversation this week is the glaring lack of women: According to a series of studies on kid-geared programming, fewer than one out of three speaking characters in the 101 top-grossing G-rated movies are female. On children's TV, male characters "occur roughly at twice the rate of female characters." It's true on YGG, too: way more than half the guests are male.

Does this diminish my enthusiasm for "Dr. Tony"? Of course not. But it makes me extra enthusiastic to see some kind of spot from Sarah Silverman.

What celebrities would you want to see on Yo Gabba Gabba, PopWatchers?

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