By Tim Stack
Updated August 03, 2020 at 07:03 PM EDT

Medals, shmedals! The only real competition is who’s the hottest athlete. Am I right? I mean that’s why we watch television — to look at attractive people. Or maybe that’s why I watch television (I’m not the only one though: Be sure and check out Popwatch’s Olympic Stud of the Day posts!). Anyway, I think my new Olympic crush is a fella that I noticed this past weekend during skiing coverage: Ted Ligety. He looks a little surfer-ish and has a great smile. Also, his last name makes me think of the word “jiggy.” Not sure why but that gets him extra points in my book.

My lady crush is obvs gonna have to be Lindsey Vonn (the USA skiers are clearly gold medal winners in the hotness competition). She’s just so purdy and talented!

Who’s your Olympic crush, PopWatchers? Who should win the gold in the looks competition?