By Annie Barrett
February 22, 2010 at 07:30 PM EST

Before you get all up in sequin-caked arms about how the answer is “Neither!” and each is beautiful and special in its own way, know that I obviously have much love for both Olympic Ice Dancing (read Mandi’s recap) and Dancing With the Stars. Also obvious: Both are ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS.

During Friday night’s ice dancing telecast, no less than five people emailed or texted to alert me that NBC was airing what is basically Dancing With the Stars on Ice. They didn’t need to; I was already watching it! I got into a bit of a text war with EW’s Missy Schwartz, whose alert read, “Ice dancing is almost as dorky as DWTS.” Blasphemy! As I used one hand to wield my Slanket around my head as a paso doble cape, I responded with the other: “Uh no I think ice dancing is dorkier, because at least on DWTS they’re in on the joke.” Her reply: “True. But it IS an Olympic sport.”

You decide. Two Russians in “toned-down” aboriginal costumes, or a Mormon doll designer being “wound up” by her professional partner. This is gonna be a close one.

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Image credit: Stockman/Getty Images