By Margaret Lyons
Updated February 22, 2010 at 09:00 PM EST

French producers have signed a deal to create a 3-D animated version of the classic The Little Prince. Please god, let this star a tiny CGI version of Prince!

I kid, I kid. Previous film adaptations of The Little Prince have run the gamut from horrible to seriously horrible, but I’m convinced somewhere out there could be a good adaptation, as long as the filmmakers adhere to one firm guideline: Don’t go for adorable. The thing about The Little Prince is that it’s not OMG so cute, like a lot of even good animated features. The drawings are relatively simplistic, which adds to the pervasive sense of melancholy about the story — a Pixar-style, shiny-character ebullient film just doesn’t make sense. Think Persepolis, not Ratatouille. Let Dr. Seuss adaptations serve as flashing neon warning signs that blare “do not do this.

What if instead of using 3D to make the images flashier or more dynamic, it was used to draw out how desolate some places seem — and how majestic the escape can be? What about a dreamy, stripped-down aesthetic that stays perfectly faithful to the book’s imagery?

I think a faithful adaptation of The Little Prince could be mesmerizing, PopWatchers. Can you see it rightly with your heart?