The look Jay-Z gives Jonathan Ross when the BBC host attempts to sing a line of Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)” in the interview clip below is priceless. You can catch it around the 1:50 mark: a particularly piquant version of the patented Jay-Z side-eye, an expression also displayed at the recent NBA All-Star weekend, along with so many other occasions through the years.

Hilarious, right? Really, though, Jay-Z’s entire sit-down with Jonathan Ross is worth watching. He claims at one point to have invented Beyoncé’s famous “Single Ladies” dance moves. (That’s a joke…I think.) It’s all very funny. And while Jay does a lot of kidding around, in the process Ross actually gets him to talk more about his marriage to Beyoncé than either member of the super-private couple typically does.

Watch the most LOL-filled clip from their interview below, or click over to Miss Info for more footage. Then let us know what you think of Jay’s jokes.

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