By Lynette Rice
Updated February 19, 2010 at 05:23 AM EST

Now that it has lots of shelf space to fill at 10 p.m. (so long, Jay Leno!), NBC is looking to uber-producers like JJ Abrams, David E. Kelley and Jerry Bruckheimer to plug some serious holes in primetime this fall. And fans of the old must-see Frasier and Seinfeld format may have reason to rejoice: The network is finally re-investing in more multi-camera comedies like one starring Matthew Broderick. Here are the network’s fall pilot orders, many of which are still being cast (decisions on which projects are ordered to series are typically made in the weeks leading up to NBC’s presentation to advertisers, which occurs this May in New York. And it’s not likely every pilot will get a pickup):


The Event (Nick Wauters) A thriller about a regular Joe caught up in a large conspiracy.

Chase (Jennifer Johnson, Jerry Bruckheimer, Jonathan Littman). An action drama that follows U.S. Marshalls as they track down most-wanted criminals.

Undercovers (JJ Abrams, Josh Reims). A couple is pulled out of retirement to rejoin the CIA.

Love Bites (Cindy Chupack). Like Love, American Style in structure, this comedic anthology tracks three loosely connected stories of love, dating and marriage each week.

Rockford Files (David Shore). A reboot of the ’70s private eye drama.

Prime Suspect (Hank Steinberg). A redux of the BBC series of the same name that follows a female detective.

Kindreds (Dave E. Kelley). A drama about an ex-patent lawyer and his group of associates who come together to form an unusual law practice.

Untitled John Eisendrath project. An ex-justice tries to change the law.

The Cape (Tom Wheeler). A former cop who was frame decides to don a superhero uniform to clear his name.


Untitled Adam Carolla Project (Jon Pollack, Kevin Hench, Adam Carolla, Jimmy Kimmel). A single-camera comedy starring Carolla as a contractor who attempts to rebuild his life after a divorce.

Perfect Couples (Scott Silveri, Jon Pollack). A single-camera romantic comedy that focuses on three different couples in various stages of total bliss.

Outsourced (Robert Borden, Ken Kwapis). A single-camera office comedy about a novelties company employee who moves to India to manage a group of customer reps.

Friends with Benefits (Scott Neustadtler, Michael H. Weber). A single-camera comedy about five friends who are on the lookout for perfect mates but willing to temporarily settle on friends with benefits.

The Strip (Tom Lennon, Ben Garant). A multi-camera comedy about a former child star who owns a bar outside of Las Vegas.

This Little Piggy (Stephen Cragg, Brian Bradley). A multi-camera family comedy about father of two who opens up his home to his irresponsible sister and shallow brother.

The Pink House (Rick Wiener, Kenny Schwartz). A multi-camera comedy about college graduates who flee Los Angeles to start a life elsewhere.

Beach Lane (Paul Simms). A multi-camera comedy starring Matthew Broderick as a celebrity author hired by a Richie Rich to run a small town newspaper in the Hamptons.

Nathan vs. Nurture (Moses Port, David Guarascio). A multi-camera comedy about a heart surgeon who reunites with his birth father and brothers, many, many years after his adoption.

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