The ''Curb Your Enthusiasm'' actor writes about his attempts to lose weight and go green

By Kate Ward
Updated February 19, 2010 at 05:00 AM EST

In his memoir My Footprint, on sale Feb. 23, Curb Your Enthusiasm star Jeff Garlin focuses on just two things. ”I’ve always wanted to lower my carbon footprint, and I’ve always wanted to lose weight,” says the actor, 47. ”And I have to say, writing about it helped me accomplish it.”

How are people reacting to your weight loss?
You know what’s really interesting? Some people are like, ”Oh my God!” And other people don’t say a word. I know that I look lighter. I’ve looked at pictures of myself from a few years ago where I was just gigantic, when I weighed as much as 320. I was really fat.

You wrote about how Jerry Seinfeld would eat high-calorie foods right in front of you to tease you about your weight-loss goal.
I hope it comes off that I really like Jerry Seinfeld and I think he’s a great guy. But he does have a sadistic side.

Larry David, on the other hand, was super-supportive.
Besides my wife and my mother, he wants me to lose weight more than anybody. Larry’s the greatest guy in the world. He kind of hates when I say that. But I love him.

Are you still trying to renovate your house to make it more green?
Yes. This Friday I have someone coming in to wrap my water heater. I have someone coming to put more insulation in my roof. But my God, have you ever checked the price of solar panels? It’s insane. It’s for rich people! Not that I don’t earn a good living, and not that I won’t someday do solar things, but it’s all a process.

Was it tough reliving your health issueslike your strokewhen you were writing?
It was definitely unsettling. But one thing about my comedy and my writing is I write about what I’ve experienced, and what is real and true to me. I better be okay with reading that.