Readers respond to the cult TV show's final season, ''Fletch,'' and Gil Scott-Heron

By EW Staff
Updated February 19, 2010 at 05:00 AM EST
  • The Lost Goodbye
  • As Lost goes into its final season, there is pent-up demand for answers, and all you could come up with for Kate and Sun was: Will they get their man?
  • Brett Kiesel
  • Altadena, Calif.

Gosh darn it! Now that you’ve revealed that Nestor Carbonell, who plays Richard, doesn’t wear eyeliner, there goes my daughter’s and my longtime theory that the character is an immortal ancient Egyptian!
Terri Moran Heckman
Lincoln, Neb.

  • Wild-Goose Chase
  • What a hilarious story about the efforts to revive the Fletch film franchise. I say forget that film and make one about the fiasco of trying to get it made — with James Gandolfini as Harvey Weinstein, Jack Black as Kevin Smith, and Jason Lee (or Ben Affleck, or Ryan Reynolds) as Chevy Chase.
  • Steve Richardson
  • Sierra Vista, Ariz.

It’s not surprising that so few actors have the ”ball bearings” to take on the role of Fletch. Chevy Chase’s exaggerated facial expressions and mannerisms are as memorable as his one-liners. Look no further than the ruins of Caddyshack II for examples of what can happen when imitations are substituted for the originals.
Jim Caltagirone
Altoona, Pa.

  • Music to Their Ears
  • Having been a huge fan of Patty Griffin‘s for a decade, I’m always thrilled to see this gifted singer-songwriter get attention. Her take (or lack thereof) on Jessica Simpson was especially noteworthy — exactly the kind of thing a true Griffin fan would hope she’d say.
  • Matt Bodenschatz
  • Arlington, Va.
  • Thanks for covering the legendary Gil Scott-Heron. Few artists have his combination of soul, smarts, and social conscience. His music and ideas are still relevant today, and I can’t wait to hear what he has to say after his long time away from the studio.
  • Bill Bulger
  • Livonia, Mich.

We Oughta Be in Pictures
When I read the ”EW Looks Back” page on the magazine’s TV and movie appearances, I screamed when I learned that a cover story had been written about my all-time favorite show, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine! I went straight to my computer, looked up the article, and eagerly read it. Now the next time I watch the 1993 pilot, I’ll be looking for a laughing green scaly alien who makes toasts at Quark’s! Thanks, Benjamin Svetkey.
Alex Lindner

You forgot the most memorable EW appearance of them all: Jada Pinkett Smith exclaiming ”I read my Entertainment Weekly!” in Scream 2. That’s also my typical response when someone asks, ”How the heck did you know that?”
Roy Joseph Friedman II
Charlotte, N.C.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

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