By Sandra Gonzalez
Updated February 18, 2010 at 04:18 PM EST
Vonn: Fabrice Coffrini/AFP/Getty Images; Davis: Jamie Squire/Getty Images; White: Adrian Dennis/AFP/Getty Images

Day 6’s Olympic Stud(/ette): It’s a three-way tie! Alpine ski racer Lindsey Vonn, speed skater Shani Davis, and snowboarder Shaun White. The PopWatch Olympic Committee has ruled that last night’s American gold medalists were too good NOT to honor – and co-Chairperson Annie Barrett lobbied hard for someone with two X chromosomes to be featured in a Stud of the Day image. Let’s break down the action:

Lindsey ”What injury?” Vonn: I got the spoiler tweet about Vonn’s victory several hours before watching it on TV, but it surprisingly didn’t take too much away from it. Vonn’s bruised shin was a matter of major concern before the race, but the potential new icon of girl power (sorry, Spice Girls) pulled out a tough victory that has surely silenced naysayers. One commentator even said going down the treacherous course was ”like carrying a piano on your back.” Ouch! But if that’s truly the case, I’m hiring Lindsey for my next moving day. That aside, Lindsey’s tearful interview after her win, when ironically enough the interviewer complimented her on how well she controlled her emotions, was almost as good as to watch as the race itself. I must admit that Vonn’s lengthy embrace with husband Thomas made my stone of a heart twinge just a little.

Shani ”See what I did there?” Davis: His narrow win over Mo Tae-bum of South Korea was both smooth and a big ole ”take that!” to his critics (Davis got flack earlier this week for skipping out on the 500-meter). Sports aside, Davis gets full-fledged stud status for his physique (after three not-appropriate-for-reading expressions, that’s the term I settled on) and his white-as-the-ice teeth. His good-natured ribbing with a fellow competitor, which he discussed in a post-win interview with NBC, also made him a strong candidate for this honorable PopWatch distinction. Good sportsmanship = very studly.

Shaun ”Too awesome to look at directly” White: While White is not my cup of stud tea (of which I try to consume at least one cup every day), a man who can jump that high on a snowboard and perform a Double McTwist 1260 just because he feels like it deserves some kudos. After seeing his awful fall at the X Games, I was hoping he wouldn’t try (and fail) to do a Double McTwist during his first run. When he aced it, though, I wanted to see him pull one out during his second run. He delivered. Both of White’s awe-inspiring performances have earned him three things: a gold medal (duh!), a spot on the Stud of the Day, and enough cool points for me to forgive him for not Tweeting since September.

What say you, PopWatchers? Did we miss anyone last night?

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