By Ken Tucker
Updated February 18, 2010 at 07:55 PM EST

Just had some communication with Better Off Ted star Jay Harrington, and I thought I would share this intel to add to what my colleague Mandi Bierly reported earlier today.

Yes, he’s shooting the NBC pilot Nathan Vs. Nurture, but it’s definitely “in second position,” he says, and is “in no way to distance myself from Ted.”

Harrington told me, “I have had many conversations with [Ted creator] Victor Fresco, and we are both extremely hopeful that ABC will give us [another] shot, so we shall see.”

As chipper and straightforward as the intelligent eccentric he plays on TV, Harrington adds, “Please share my sincere gratitude with the BOT fans that have stuck with us.”

There you have it, fans. Sign the Save Better Off Ted petition, and wish Jay the best.

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