Less than an hour ’til the prime time Olympics. Let’s trip out! But wait: For which mesmerizing, kinda druggy AT&T Olympics commercial are we in the mood? Is it the one set to The xx’s “Intro,” featuring ballroom dancing expert and Olympic Stud of Day 2 Apolo Ohno cutting grooves into a spinning “record” of ice?

Or is it Gretchen Bleiler’s snowboarding space odyssey set to Lou Reed’s “Perfect Day”?

Both are my favorite commercials of the Olympics so far — I love the idea of chilled-out tunes paired with speedy sports. For me, snowboarding in space has the edge because:

1) Absence of voiceover telling me “When you’re the fastest, anything’s possible” implies no need for speed. She’s just hanging out up there because it’s how she’d spend her perfect day; the galactic halfpipe is her heroin.

2) Apolo’s spinning rink reminds me of those resistance pools for aquatic therapy advertised in the back of the Eastbay catalog, and those things terrify me. (I am also afraid of treadmills.)

3) I can strongly relate to blondie’s goggle-gaze at 0:21 when she seems completely zoned out and is LOVIN’ IT like some Olympian-sanctioned Chicken McNuggets.

Not to mention, Bleiler, Kelly Clark, and Hannah Teter are competing in the halfpipe final as I type this. “Here’s to possibilities.”

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