Marc Blucas, best known as Riley on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, has joined the cast of an ABC cop pilot True Blue. According to Michael Ausiello, it’s about six former friends in the San Francisco Police Department who reunite to solve a murder of one of their own. Blucas will play a detective, a divorced father of two who still pines for his ex (San Francisco’s only female captain, played by Without a Trace‘s Poppy Montgomery, per The Hollywood Reporter). This means he should get to the show the sensitive side that, well, was one of the reasons many of us hated him on Buffy. But here’s the thing: I caught the “Hush” episode recently on Logo, and he didn’t annoy me at all. Granted, that was at the beginning of Riley’s relationship with Buffy and he was silent for most of the episode, but a breakthrough nevertheless. Is it time we forgive Blucas for his role in the isosceles Buffy-Angel-Riley love triangle? POLL!

P.S. Anyone psyched at the possibility of having Montgomery back on TV on a regular basis? If there’s a role (guest or regular) for her real-life partner Adam Kaufman in it, I’ll program my DVR now.

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