By Wendy Mitchell
February 17, 2010 at 05:43 PM EST

If you missed Michael Emerson on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, check out the video below. The man who plays Lost‘s Ben Linus (or, as Kimmel suggests, ‘Ben Lini’) says that last night’s appearance as a history teacher in the Sideways world wasn’t a throwaway. “I don’t think it’s just some mild departure. I think it has a big meaning that will play out as we go,” Emerson told Kimmel, before adding: “You have no idea what’s coming in that particular storyline.” Oooh, juicy! Despite not having read the final scripts, Emerson assured fans: “You’re going to have a satisfying conclusion to the series.”

I can usually keep an actor separate in my mind from his or her character, but I can’t do this with Emerson — he IS Ben Linus to me. If I saw him on the street I might have a panic attack. Anyone else think that Emerson will forever be associated with creepy Ben?

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