Like a lot of people today, we’re in a Johnny Weir mood after last night’s men’s short programs. So what’s your greatest hit? We’re assuming you’ve found clips of his Sundance series Be Good Johnny Weir, and of him skating the program we’ll see in Thursday night’s free skate at Nationals, karaoking “Before He Cheats” and “Ain’t No Sunshine,” describing the process of designing a figure skating costume, and, yes it does happen, speaking seriously about why he’s still figure skating (“I think anything that makes someone feel beautiful in their life, they should do it”). All good. But did you watch this Ask the Athlete question on A fan wanted to know if he planned on writing an autobiography when he’s done with competitive skating. His answer: Absolutely. “I have so many stories. I’ve got so much dirt that I need to get out of me, and so many dealings behind the scenes in this sport, and how cutthroat it really is, and I’m excited to share all of that — while telling my own story and how I’ve intertwined myself through all of it and snaked through relatively unscathed compared to some people…. It’s such a small world that I compete in and that I live in, and sometimes it’s ridiculous, sometimes everyone hates you, sometimes everyone loves you. But in general, we all have one thing in common and it’s figure skating, and we all love it, for the most part, and it makes us some sick, twisted family and I want to tell that story.”

A lot of time people promise dirt and don’t deliver. We’d trust Weir to follow through. You?

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Photo credit: Matthew Stockman/Getty Images