Are you ready for Avatar: The Novel? According to the Wall Street Journal, director James Cameron intends to write a novel that will follow his Pandora movie adventure “quite closely.” Rather than dwell on whether it will incorporate the film’s 3-D elements — say, like a pop-up book — I’m actually eager to dig deeper into Pandora and read the characters’ “interior monologues.” Even the blockbuster’s most enthusiastic supporters don’t herald the story’s originality, complexity, or dialogue, so it will be interesting to see if a lack of depth in those areas was an inevitable casualty of Cameron’s emphasis on the groundbreaking technical aspects of filmmaking. “There are things you can do in books that you can’t do with films,” Cameron told the Journal. And vice versa. I’m not sure I left the theater with a lot of gnawing questions about Avatar‘s backstory, but I’m intrigued by the prospect that clues to future Avatar adventures might be buried in Cameron’s prose.

Will Avatar be on your reading list?

Photo Credit: Mark Feldman


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