By Sandra Gonzalez
Updated February 17, 2010 at 06:14 PM EST

I’m thinking a fake nose à la Nicole Kidman in The Hours will do the trick, maybe even a pair of Olsen-style bug shades circa 2008. Regardless, I’ll have to pick something by this weekend. Because while a part of me enjoys the attention a good embarrassing moment produces, I’d be setting myself up for all new levels of humiliation if anyone witnessed me in the theater gushing over Celine Dion’s new concert film, Through the Eyes of the World.

The limited-release movie is touted as a look at the on- and off-stage Dion, but let me be frank: I have no interest in seeing the vocalist sing a capella to foreign children (as shown in the trailer). I’d much rather see the live-show footage. I want to see the chest-pound during ”My Heart Will Go On.” I want to dork-out by mouthing the words to ”Taking Chances.” I may even get a little misty-eyed.

It’s a giant cheese-fest that I’m excited for both as someone who openly questions her own taste level for seeing Titanic too many times and as someone who loves a power ballad. I know at least one of my friends (Thanks Jen!) is on board for my viewing excursion, but who else is in? I say we hit an early-afternoon weekday show so we get the theater to ourselves — sing-a-long anyone?

But if you’re not into Celine (shame!), tell me what’s on your Must List this week? What movie/TV show/website/book are you loving this week? Sound off below!