By Dan Snierson
Updated February 16, 2010 at 05:05 AM EST

Hurry up and wipe that Valentine’s Day chocolate off your face—it’s time to resume your affair with your true beloved, Lost. But before you watch tonight’s episode, “The Substitute,” check out the latest installment of’s Totally Lost, which features a hearty discussion about last week’s episode, “What Kate Does.” Your hosts—Jeff Jensen (“Doc”) and Dan Snierson (“Dan”) break down everything from the sadness of Sawyer (will he ever get over Juliet?) to the weirdness of Sayid (what are you, dude?). You will gain intel from Evangeline Lilly, spend a fleeting moment with a man whose depths are as unknowable as the ocean behind him, and receive some hints about the action tonight. So press play and then tell us below: What do you think happened to Sayid? And will Sawyer ultimately wind up with Kate, or is he forever Juliet’s?