By Darren Franich
February 16, 2010 at 05:14 PM EST

Day 4’s Olympic Stud: United Statesman Seth Wescott, who defended his title as gold medalist in the Men’s Snowboard Cross. Wescott started out at the back of the final race, but like a chess prodigy or a brilliant Stratego player, he struck like lightning when it counted. A few well-timed jumps and a nasty corner cut-off took him to first place, robbing Canadian Mike Robertson of what seemed like an easy win. (Down, Canada, Down!) Wescott then draped himself in the American flag, while his soul patch handled interviews from the adoring media. Watch Wescott describe his winning run, with a lazy drawl that only further underscores the mad genius of his run.

Honorable Mention: Didier Defago. It sounds like the secret identity of a fashionable European superhero, a continental Superman disguised by day as a melancholic tabloid journalist for La Planete Quotidienne. But no: Didier Defago is the Swiss skier who won the gold medal in the downhill. In the process, he gave Switzerland its first downhill gold medal in 22 years, thereby becoming the greatest hero in Swiss history. (He also kicked Bode Miller down to a bronze medal, thereby downgrading part one of Miller’s comeback narrative from “respectfully unimpressive” to “tantalizingly unsatisfying.”) And did we mention Didier’s got a cleft chin big enough to swallow Luxembourg?

If You Like Crashes: NBC is keeping it classy with a a daily “Thrills and Spills” recap (spoiler alert: It’s mostly Spills). Hooray for Fail-Porn!

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Image credit: Jamie Squire/Getty Images