During the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, wanted to find out what music is inspiring US athletes. So we asked a variety of Olympic competitors what song (or playlist of songs) they’ll be grooving to before they compete. We’ll run these throughout the Games. Good luck, Team USA!

Today we have a special list of songs from many members of the US Women’s Hockey Team, which got off to a great start with a 12-1 defeat of China on Tuesday. The team plays Russia today (live on MSNBC at 5:30 p.m. ET).

Natalie Darwitz, Team Captain of the Women’s US Hockey Team

“Hard” by Rihanna

“It’s a don’t-mess-with-me kind of song, gets me going!”

(keep reading for song selections from more members of the team after the jump)

Hilary Knight

“I used to sing it on my walk home from school. It’s a dreamer’s song and makes me feel good because it automatically makes me reflect on where I’ve been and where I want to go.”

Erika Lawler

“It’s such a good song to sing and dance to in the locker room. The beat completely takes my mind away from thinking about hockey, which is awesome because I don’t like to think too much about it before any big game.”

Kelli Stack

“I always listen to Lil Wayne before games because the rhymes and beats of his songs are the best out there. His music gets me in the mood to play and reminds me to do the most important thing, which is have fun.”

Julie Chu

“It gets me pumped up. I love the beat and the way Pink rocks out.”

Angela Ruggiero

Jessie Vetter

“I like this song because I know all the words and I like to sing before the game.”

Jocelyne Lamoureux

“This song gets me excited because being a part of this Olympic experience is probably going to be as close as I get to flying.”

Jenny Potter

“It reminds me of my youth and my mom and just having fun as a kid. It has a really good beat.”

Meghan Duggan

“It’s an all-piano song, I like it mostly for personal reasons but it also works well to calm me down before games.”