By Kate Ward
February 16, 2010 at 10:23 PM EST

I know that women’s figure skating is supposed to be the must-see event at the Winter Olympics, but I can’t help but prefer the men’s competition. And that’s not just because the men perform feats of flexibility that utterly baffle me (see this). Nope, I’ll admit that one of the main reasons I tune into men’s figure skating is for…the fashion.

Now, I know that we here on PopWatch on Ice have already discussed figure skating attire after the pairs short program on Sunday. But I feel that we haven’t completely exhausted the topic, since Tatyana Volosozhar and Stanislav Morozov’s neon blue spandex get-ups certainly deserve a whole dissertation of their own. But let’s focus on the men’s competition here: Really, who isn’t in awe of athletes perfectly willing to don outfits like this and this on the ice?

So now I ask you: What was your favorite men’s figure skating outfit of all time? My vote goes to Philippe Candeloro for this D’Artagnan-inspired ensemble (pictured). Rudy Galindo, however, gets my runner-up vote for wearing the Seinfeld puffy shirt during the 1996 Nationals. What say you, PopWatchers?

Photo Credit: Luca Bruno/AP Images