By Annie Barrett
February 16, 2010 at 08:00 PM EST

Since my life is sadly not the “Mardi Gras” episode of Jem and an animated pirate named Pierre Larroquette is probably not going to invite me to lunch, I’m gonna go ahead and celebrate Mardi Gras at my desk with some mediocre supermarket crab cakes, macaroni salad, and — coming up! — an entire box of Lilly’s Homestyle rainbow cookies (pictured, the kind that, like black and white cookies, are more like cake than cookies). I hear I’m missing out on a Fat Tuesday Okra and Pearl Onions tray in the Time Inc. cafeteria, but I’ll live. Tell me how you’ll be celebrating Mardi Gras in the comments, and help me come up with a holiday for tomorrow because God forbid we end the three-day streak. Oh wait, you don’t need to because this ridiculous website tells me tomorrow is Ash Wednesday (whoops), National PTA Founders Day, My Way Day, and World Human Spirit Day. Those sound too serious, so I unofficially declare tomorrow to also be Lindsey Vonn & Shaun White Day and Taco Wednesday.

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