By Chris Harrison
Updated February 16, 2010 at 06:04 AM EST

We begin this week with some of your comments. In my vast experience as a blogger (about a year now), I have found it’s always around this time in the season where the natives get restless. For example, Tyler (Tue 2/9/10 1:14 AM) writes “Great Blog Chris!” Pretty simple and a very nice note — not extremely controversial, right? Then this follows from “Nobody” (Tue 2/9/10 9:18 AM): “There’s no need to swell the guy’s ego any larger than it already is. The man is nothing more than an ABC pawn. It must be painful to have to write this crap every week. But then most people will do almost anything for a buck. Whether CH actually believes the crap he writes is debatable, but he certainly likes how ABC and EW line his pockets for doing it.” I did some research and found out who “Nobody” really is. It’s actually John Mayer. Right after he gave that extremely ignorant interview to Playboy he posted that comment on the site. (Kidding, of course.) But at least “Nobody” gave me credit for writing this blog. “Viewer less and less” (Tue 2/9/10 12:59 PM) writes, “I am 100% sure Chris doesn’t write this, it’s written by staff and he edits and puts his final touches on it.” If I have a staff then why the heck am I sitting here on a Friday night watching this episode again and blogging? I need to hire a staff so I can fire them for making me do this by myself. The truth is, I do get some help each week. I want to thank my friend and producer Elan. I talk to him each week so I can get more details and the little anecdotes you guys love so much. My goal is to give you not only my take on this show but also some behind-the-scenes stories to make you feel more a part of the journey. But I assure you I write every word of every blog every week. Who else would write this poorly? As for you fans that come here for the fun and watch the show for the love story and the entertainment, please don’t worry about the negative posts — I don’t. In fact, I get a big kick out of them. Before I move on I want to give major props to “Craig” (Tue 2/9/10 1:38 AM). His comment was way, way too long to put in here but I love that so many guys are out there watching. Way to stand proud!

This week, we all took off to the beautiful island of St. Lucia. I had never been to this island and honestly had to search for it on my son’s globe to find out exactly where it was. Now that I’ve been there I can honestly tell you it’s as beautiful an island as I’ve ever been to. As much as I love the hometown dates, I equally love the exotic dates and the arrival of the fantasy suite card. I can’t remember a final three in recent history that all loved our Bachelor so much and vice versa. It really made for a compelling week. I found it interesting how the fantasy suite card meant very different things to each of them. For Gia, it was a chance to let down her guard and let Jake in closer to see the woman she really is. For Tenley, it was a huge step in her life to move past her ex-husband and prove to herself as much as anyone that she can love again. For Vienna, it was a chance to show Jake there is more to their relationship than physical chemistry. I talked to Jake this week and he told me he was shocked at how much he was falling in love with all three of these women. I think it was really difficult for Jake to see Gia leave because he certainly did have strong feelings for her. Looking back over the course of their relationship, it seems that it was a bit slower in developing than with the other women and I can’t help but wonder if that may have influenced his final decision.

And of course there was that phone call! I have to tell you I was impressed with how well Jake handled this situation. Once again instead of taking the easy way out and just inviting Ali back, he bit the bullet and spoke open and honestly with her. Even though it had only been a week, Jake had mentally and physically moved on in his heart and in his head. As for Ali, I feel for her. I knew that night back in Los Angeles that deep down she didn’t want to leave. It was a mistake that she will regret in some way the rest of her life. But as with all mistakes, it’s what you do with that lesson and how you rebound from it that really defines the person you are. I look forward to talking to her at the Women Tell All special to get her side of the story.

Speaking of the Women Tell All special, it airs next Monday night, Feb. 22, but we taped it this past weekend here in L.A. Yes, Rozlyn comes back and is on the show. I got to sit down with her and go step by step through the entire ordeal. You will also hear for the first time explosive new details from the other women. That’s all I will tell you for now other than that I’m extremely happy she showed up. Trust me when I tell you, you do not want to miss this show! In the meantime, don’t forget to follow me on Twitter at @chrisbharrison or find me on Facebook.

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