By Vlada Gelman
Updated February 15, 2010 at 12:00 PM EST

Facing Valentine’s Day can be horrifying, even if you’ve got someone. So why not spend post-Valentine’s Day drowning your sorrows in some truly horrifying action with two good-looking guys you know aren’t going to let you down?

TNT is airing a marathon of some of the most memorable episodes of The CW’s Supernatural today. The lineup, which is heavy on comedic standalones, is sure to bring a smile to even the loneliest viewer’s face:

9:00 AM – “Tall Tales”

10:00 AM – “Hollywood Babylon”

11:00 AM – “Folsom Prison Blues”

12:00 PM – “Bad Day at Black Rock”

1:00 PM – “Mystery Spot”

2:00 PM – “Monster Movie”

3:00 PM – “Yellow Fever”

4:00 PM – “Criss Angel Is a Douchebag”

5:00 PM – “After School Special”

6:00 PM – “The Monster at the End of This Book”

While I can’t argue with the inclusion of hilarious episodes like “Tall Tales” (I’ll never hear “Lady in Red” the same way again) and two of my favorite Ben Edlund-penned hours, “Bad Day at Black Rock” and “Monster Movie,” I would definitely make some adjustments to this most memorable list. “Hollywood Babylon,” “Folsom Prison Blues,” “Yellow Fever,” “Criss Angel Is a Douchebag” and “After School Special” are all solid episodes, but where are must-sees like “In My Time of Dying” and “In the Beginning”? And granted season one is not the show’s strongest – it was still finding itself – but not even one episode? Perhaps TNT didn’t want to replay any season one episodes since it just aired them last month. Taking that into account, here’s my list of the ten most memorable episodes from seasons two-four:

“In My Time of Dying”


“Born Under a Bad Sign”

“Tall Tales”

“What Is and What Should Never Be”

“Bad Day at Black Rock”

“Mystery Spot”

“In the Beginning”

“Monster Movie”

“The Monster at the End of This Book”

Well, that was torturous. If TNT could replay the current season, you better bet “Changing Channels” would be on that list. Which of your most memorable picks did TNT leave out? Is my list more spot-on?

Photo Credit: Michael Courtney/The CW