By Dave Karger
Updated February 15, 2010 at 02:34 PM EST

A day after they each won Art Directors Guild awards, The Hurt Locker and Avatar went head-to-head at the American Cinema Editors’ Eddie Awards, with The Hurt Locker emerging victorious in the Dramatic Film category. The Hangover picked up the comedic-film prize, while Up and The Cove continued their sweeps of the animated and documentary guild awards. Why does this mean anything? Well, this is not an actors’ or writers’ group choosing The Hurt Locker over Avatar; it’s a technical guild, which indicates that Avatar‘s strongest support may be limited to branches like visual effects, sound, producers, and executives. The last time a Best Picture race was said to be this close, in 2006, Crash showed it had a shot at some big Oscar wins by not only winning the SAG Best Ensemble trophy over Brokeback Mountain, but by stealing the Eddie Award as well. When it comes to pre-Oscar awards with Academy overlap in the voting bodies, Avatar‘s got an art directors prize, and that’s it.