By Ken Tucker
Updated February 14, 2010 at 02:28 PM EST

You can’t miss the promotion NBC is giving The Marriage Ref during the Olympics broadcast. This game show produced by Jerry Seinfeld — “Thursdays, after the Olympics!” — recently announced that one of its guest “referees” will be Madonna, making a rare non-music-related, non-talk-show TV appearance.

My guess is that Madonna is probably friendly with Seinfeld and thought this would be an amusing thing to do. And who knows, it may well prove to be, though I have a hard time imagining Madonna can become invested in adjudicating marital problems about a stuffed dead dog. Horse, maybe; but not a dog.

Not having seen a full episode of The Marriage Ref, I’m not writing a review of the show here. I like the host, Tom Papa, from his stand-up-comic work. Judging from the commercials alone, folks as amusing as Alec Baldwin and as peppy as Kelly Ripa deliver lines that sound a bit scripted to me. Which wouldn’t be anything new or bad in game shows. If you think the celebs on Hollywood Squares and The Match Game were improvising 100% of the time, you also probably think everyone involved in The Bachelor is really looking for true love. But even if the judges are fed punchlines, that still doesn’t necessarily mean The Marriage Ref won’t be funny. I’m keeping an open mind.

Part of me thinks seeing Madonna in ultra-haughty mode will fun to watch. But at other times, I think I’d just as soon see Lady Gaga give marriage advice than Madonna. Or even Sean Penn. At least with Penn, there’s always the chance he might take a spontaneous swing at someone on the panel…

Are you looking forward to The Marriage Ref?