By Jennifer Armstrong
February 14, 2010 at 10:31 PM EST

This season of ABC Family’s Secret Life of the American Teenager has been a lesson not so much in safe sex, like the first season, but a lesson in permutations: At the rate things are going, it seems nearly every guy in the cast will have dated every girl possible by season’s end. Despite surprise couplings like Grace and Ben and Jack and That One Friend of Amy’s, the big shocker came last week when Amy kissed — gasp — her baby-daddy, Ricky. Sure, they were just “practicing,” but could there be more romance in store for the young accidental parents? Amy herself, Shailene Woodley, stopped by to dish on the rest of the season.

Now that Amy and Ricky have kissed (again), do you think they have a future together?

Amy has so much dislike for Ricky based on his past. And Ricky gets really annoyed with Amy because she’s really spiteful. But they are a family because they have John. Amy has a confidante in Ricky and Ricky has a confidante in Amy. I think they would never hurt each other. I think deep down they both know it’ll never be a romantic thing, but sometimes they want to test it out because they think they should.

With all this juicy stuff happening this season, what more could possibly be in store?

There are like three weddings, though no teenage weddings as of right now. Ben is still confused as to what he wants to do about Amy. And Grace and Jack are still arguing about sex. They’re still trying to figure out if they want to be together.

How has it been having a toddler as your frequent costar now?

We have twins playing John now, and they’re so cute. They play with microphones and say hi to people behind the camera. Every single week the writers write something in the script for him where he says, like, “mama” and “dada,” and their mom has to be like, “They don’t even say that in real life.” So they haven’t had a lot of lines yet.

Have you watched MTV’s 16 and Pregnant? Do you feel like you understand what those girls are going through at all?

I’ve seen it a few times. It’s really sad what those girls are going through. It’s so weird to think that they’re going through what I pretend to go through. It’s trippy to think that people really deal with this stuff. I feel like the themes [on Secret Life] are realistic, but the way they present them are definitely artistically licensed. We definitely showed it was not glamorous, but I can’t believe what they go through on 16 and Pregnant. It’s crazy how awful their boyfriends are.

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