As the 2010 Winter Olympics kicks off in Vancouver, wanted to find out what music is inspiring US athletes. So we asked a variety of Olympic competitors what song (or playlist of songs) they’ll be grooving to before they compete. We’ll run these throughout the Games. Good luck, Team USA!

Lowell Bailey, Biathlete (on NBC this afternoon)

Radiohead, “Karma Police”

Makes you wonder, if there were such a thing, how many times would you have been arrested?

Little Feat, “Fat Man In The Bathtub”

This is Lowell George and Co. at their finest. Tight rhythm with George’s fat strat sustained slide rolling over the top!

Steely Dan, “Kid Charlemagne”

NO! this is NOT elevator music! This is Becker and Fagan – two of the greatest musical talents ever.

Elliott Smith, “Needle In The Hay”

Smith’s greatest gift was transmitting emotion through a song. Desperation is everywhere in this simple acoustic rendition.

Death Cab For Cutie, “Marching Bands Of Manhattan”

Death Cab turns New York into the most desolate landscape imaginable.

Bob Marley, “Trenchtown Rock”

Marley and the Wailers set the bar pretty high.

Dave Brubeck Quartet, “Take Five”

5/4 through and through. This melody will stick in your head for decades.

Grateful Dead, “Cumberland Blues”

Coming out of the Workingman’s Dead era, when the Dead were at there best vocally and Garcia was laying down some serious pedal steel work.

Herbie Hancock, “Chameleon”

Headhunters just took jazz and funk to a different place.

David Grisman Quintet, “E.M.D.”

This is the song that changed bluegrass to newgrass.