By Annie Barrett
Updated February 14, 2010 at 05:01 AM EST

This week, I caught ABC’s re-airing of A Charlie Brown Valentine, the 2002 sequel to 1978’s Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown. This was the first original special aired after Peanuts creator Charles Schulz’s death. It draws a lot from the old comic strips, but as a result, it’s really disjointed and hard to follow. Still, there’s nothing like a half-hour dose of Charlie Brown-iness to put things in perspective. Take a look, and let us know if you have adorable/tragic Chuck tendencies yourself. Happy holidays.

10 Adorable/Tragic Things Charlie Brown Says in ‘A Charlie Brown Valentine’

To candy store cashier: “Hi, ma’am. I’d like to buy a box of candy for a girl who doesn’t know I exist. Nothing too expensive — I’ll never have the nerve to give it to her anyway.”

To Sally, who says the Little Red-Haired Girl (LRHG) will laugh right in his face if he gives her a Valentine: “At least I’d be near her!”

After the LRHG walks by before school: “I know I’m the sort of person she’d like. I’m not the greatest person who ever lived, of course, but who is? I’m just a nice sort of a guy who never gets to meet little red-haired girls.”

(LRHG drops her pencil; CB picks it up.) “She dropped her pencil! There are teeth marks on her pencil! She nibbles on her pencil! SHE’S HUMAN!

To Linus on the playground: “Look, it’s the Little Red-Hairied Girl. I’ll hide behind this trash can.”

To Lucy: “I just can’t go up to that Little Red-Haired Girl and talk to her. She has a pretty face.”

After Linus saves the LRHG from a schoolyard bully: “That’s very comforting; I’m the friend of a hero.”

Scheming in bed: “I’ll tell that Little Red-Haired Girl that I love her. Then I’ll give her a big hug. Then I’ll go bungee-jumping from the moon.”

“I wish I were sophisticated like guys you read about in stories.” (This four-second soliloquy was its own scene!)

To Lucy, when The Doctor was In: “Can you cure loneliness? Can you cure deep-down, black, bottom-of-the-well, no-hope, end-of-the-world, what’s-the-use loneliness?”

Other observations:

–Little Red-Haired Girl looks a little too much like Little Orphan Annie (she was also seen in full view in It’s Your First Kiss, Charlie Brown)

–After Sally held out her hands and said she’d just stay like that until he gave her a Valentine, Linus said “OR, you can stand like that for the rest of your life and never get anything.” Always listen to the little boy with the blanket.

–Schroeder flipped backward from the force of Lucy’s swing but she never even touched him!!!

Do you have a Little Red-Haired Girl in your life, PopWatchers? Did you ever go talk to him or her, or are you reading this behind a trash can?

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