By Annie Barrett
Updated February 13, 2010 at 02:00 PM EST

I always recoil in horror when emails I open unexpectedly contain large, pictorial attachments. But the assault on my eyes was really something special the other day, when Kristen Baldwin forwarded me a message containing huge images of the Largest Dog Wedding (178 dog pairs “sealed their marriage with a bark” at a 2007 Bow Wow Vows event in Colorado) (VIDEO!), Tallest and Shortest Married Couples, the Couple With the Most Marriage Vow Renewals (83?!) and Most Couples Hugging Simultaneously (I refuse to provide the number because it’s the most ridiculous category I’ve ever heard of…fine, it was 3,009 at a promotional event in China and I wish I was there). “Somehow, this has ‘Annie’ and ‘PopWatch’ written all over it,” Kristen had encouragingly suggested, and before I knew it, in the name of research, I was clicking my chocolate-rimmed paws all over one of the weirdest websites I’ve ever seen. Auntie Jen will marry YOUR dogs: Click here! The only element of this situation that was at all surprising was that the assaulting email was a press release for a book that’s been out since September instead of an upcoming look-at-the-freak reality series on TLC. So, buy the 2010 Guinness World Records for your weirdo valentine this weekend and marvel at how normal you are, I guess. And by all means, tell me if you had already been aware of dog weddings, and why.

Image credit: Guinness World Records