February 13, 2010 at 03:05 PM EST

Yes, Jimmy Kimmel brought Nadya Suleman onstage last night to play a Valentine’s Day version of The Dating Game. The result was, as you might suspect, pretty weird and surreal. The Octomom kept making these shrieking laughs:

Suleman said she hadn’t been on a date in ten years.

Questions included, “I’ve been told that I have fill luscious lips; can you make up a poem about them?” When a contestant came up with an inarticulate answer, Suleman said blithely, “That’s okay. You’re busy in your head.”

I was struck by how poised Suleman was throughout this stunt. But I guess this is the sort of on-camera life she wants. I wonder who was baby-sitting during the taping of this show?

What do you think of Kimmel’s Octomom stunt.

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