As we did for the Beijing Olympics, PopWatch will be naming an Olympic Stud of the Day each morning throughout the Vancouver Games. This title celebrates a person — male or female — who captured our attention in the previous 24 hours for any number of reasons. (Not just, as may occasionally be the case, because he or she turned us on.) Day 1’s pick: US curler Chris Plys. Why? He’s an early standout on the athlete Twitter list, tweeting photos of last night’s Opening Ceremony and his experience in the Olympic Village in general (“A night at the mess hall with Shaun White and raccoons ha”), as well a retaliation for a Jimmy Fallon monologue joke about how the US Curling team’s best method of birth control is being on the US Curling team (“@Jimmyfallon isn’t your best contraceptive your tv ratings? Lol”). We have high hopes for your Twitter page, Chris Plys! Oh, and good luck with the curling.

Your nomination for Olympic Stud of Day 1?

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