By Annie Barrett
Updated February 12, 2010 at 08:00 PM EST

Reminder you didn’t need: The Olympics begin tonight! Some events actually took place yesterday, but I don’t recognize anything as having officially begun until after thousands of superstars participate in an icy multi-cultural parade and gather ’round to worship an open flame. As you stroll around your office in your favorite red/white/blue track suit, mentally gearing up for tonight’s opening ceremonies on NBC, bide your time with today’s gallery of 20 Golden Winter Sports Movies.

Which is your favorite? Better Off Dead? Slapshot? The Cutting Edge? It’s lame, but I’m partial to Cool Runnings, preferably the VHS copy my mom taped off of cable. This was such a sick-day movie for me. I loved that John Candy was supposed to be a former Olympian double-gold medalist bobsledder, and I always cried as the Jamaicans (spoiler alert) carried their broken sled across the finish line. It reminded me of when Troop Beverly Hills carried Velda Plendor across the finish line on a stretcher made of knapsacks. I also tend to flip to Ice Castles when I see it on TV, but only for the part where we see the ice through Alexis’ busted eyes, because I still can’t quite believe it exists.

What’s your favorite winter sports movie? And who’s watching the Vancouver Opening Ceremony tonight? Come back tomorrow for Mandi Bierly’s recap!

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