By Wendy Mitchell
Updated February 12, 2010 at 06:36 PM EST

Nia Vardalos reunites with her My Big Fat Greek Wedding co-star John Corbett in the indie rom-com I Hate Valentine’s Day (out this week on DVD), which she also wrote and directed. She plays a commitment-phobic florist who unexpectedly falls in love. So EW emailed with Vardalos this week to find out about her own romantic history and plans for Valentine’s Day with her husband (Cougar Town actor Ian Gomez).

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: You’re known for your rom-coms, so do you consider yourself a romantic?

NIA VARDALOS: Yes, I love romance, but only when it’s not expected. That’s why I believe Valentine’s Day is a crock. I think it makes people feel inadequate.

What do you do to celebrate Valentine’s Day?

We have a tradition — we invite a bunch of friends over — gay, straight, married, single, it’s a loud and varied group. We eat a bunch of food, drink a vat of wine and all tell our worst dating stories. Before I was married I had some good my loser stories that usually start with “he’d made a bet with his friends” and end with “and then a bird shat on my head.”

So your character Genevieve in I Hate Valentine’s Day was a florist – did you love being around those flowers all day, or did they give you a headache?

I was a florist. This was my day job through college and theater school. I’ve even done the flowers for a few girlfriend’s weddings in the last few years. It’s cheaper than a gift from Tiffany.

Do you have a go-to rom-com that’s your all-time favorite?

Sliding Doors.

Most romantic gesture you’ve ever experienced — have you ever had your name peed in the snow? [that’s a line in the movie]

Not really, but when we were dating, my husband bought me a humidifier. Pretty sexy huh?

What are you working on next?

I wrote a movie called Talk Of The Town, that’s now called Larry Crowne, with Tom Hanks and he’s going to direct it and star in it with Julia Roberts.