By Annie Barrett
Updated February 12, 2010 at 05:19 PM EST

Welcome back to the practical joke I am playing on the Internet by recapping Models of the Runway! See how amused that makeup artist is? The rest of the girls hate Alexis even more than that. All the more reason to do everything in her power to get those boobs of hers on TV.

I can’t say “nothing happened” like I usually do, because the models did a “Marry” Claire photo shoot. It was a magical land filled with bright lights and a rack of light-blue men’s oxfords. Brittany: “I’m guessing they’re for us?” Brittany was right! But this wasn’t even the biggest plot point. No, get this: Alexis wasn’t getting enough attention back at the apartment, so she spun a tall tale about a dream she’d had in which…are you even ready?….MEGAN GOT FAT. Megan got pissed. THEN Alexis ate up another “scene” by apologizing to Megan. And THEN Alexis wandered into frame AGAIN to inform Megan of some amazing news. “I just looked something up, and it’s actually a very good thing. It says that to dream that others are fat signifies prosperity.” For you, Alexis. The dream would signify prosperity FOR YOU. Oh god, I don’t know if I can take it anymore. Of course I can! Find out who went home — and which designers chose which models — after the jump, and don’t miss Missy Schwartz’ Project Runway recap!

Kasey went home. “I’m ready,” she said, backstage, as a halo of sweet freedom and some of her golden flyaway hairs prepared to whisk her off into the heavenly afterlife. Alexis was glad to see Kasey go because Kasey was totally popular and all the other girls in the house will miss her so much they won’t be able to have clothes sewn onto them and walk in a straight line. Um, no.

Coming up! On Models of the Runway: Cerri exhibits a low tolerance for children, filth. Stay tuned.


Anthony stuck with Kristina

Emilio chose Holly (major Brittany sadface)

Seth Aaron landed one-second-of-screentime beauty Valeria: “Yessss.”

Ben would love to keep Lorena

Janeane went back to Brittany even though Kasey was lovely to work with

Jesse picked Alexis, who has a crush on him. “Eep! Did I say that?” Honey you know you did.

Jay‘s still into Monique

Jonathan felt his “clothes really needs Brandise to pull it off on the runway” (sorry Alison) (sorry English language). Alison hilariously wondered in a confessional why, if Jonathan wanted someone edgier, he’d made her look like Farrah Fawcett.

Maya stuck with Megan

Amy would love to work with Alison again

Mila thought she’d give Cerri a shot