By Jeff Labrecque
Updated February 12, 2010 at 02:53 PM EST

In Get Him to the Greek, Russell Brand plays the same obnoxious rock star character from Forgetting Sarah Marshall, but this time he gets to have a lot more fun.

Check out the trailer for the summer comedy, starring Jonah Hill.

Funny? I wonder if Michael Cera has called his Superbad pal and said, “Dude, um, you’re doing me,” since Hill’s music lackey is full of awkward Cera-nosity. Awkward cheek kissing, awkward bathroom sex, and very, very awkward airline carry-on packing. (“If he wants you to put the candy in the jar, you put the candy in the jar.”)

What did you think? What would be your ideal flushtone? I’d be happy with the “Charge” anthem that the organ plays at sporting events. That, or “Bridge Over Troubled Water.”