By Annie Barrett
Updated February 11, 2010 at 07:40 PM EST

It’s time, once again, to play the game show that has America asking that question! Burn Notice fans, did you chuckle at Saturday Night Live‘s “What Is Burn Notice?” sketch this past weekend? I thought its concept — total obliviousness to a pop culture entity a lot of people enjoy but you don’t really “get” — was funny and relatable. It reminded of my relationship with Channing Tatum, which is to say it reminded me that I could probably not pick Channing Tatum (O’Neal?) out of a lineup of five strapping men, even though he’s in that popular rom-com right now and lap-danced for Ellen right on our blog. If you’re a Burn Notice fan, did the sketch offend you or were you glad to see the series getting some attention?

After the jump, a list of Things we know about tonight’s Burn Notice just from watching the promo and a preview scene of “Enemies Closer.”

–“Dead Larry” (guest star Tim Matheson) is back.

–A cartel wants to kill Mike.

–Preserving/stashing a body takes 18 seconds if you’re good at it.

–Red wine offsets light pink lingerie nicely.

–Fiona’s sunburn is worse than usual.

–It’s a non-reality show about characters.

–They are in Miami.

Anything to add? Who can tell me SOMETHING, ANYTHING about tonight’s Burn Notice?

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