By Wendy Mitchell
Updated February 11, 2010 at 09:40 PM EST

JWoww already offered us halter tops, and now, just in time for fashion week, Pauly D is working with online store CafePress to create some fashions for his fans. It seems wearing Ed Hardy isn’t enough for any self-respecting Jersey Shore fan (is that phrase an oxymoron?)

Pauly D offers the ubiquitous “Mrs. Pauly D” slogan, “Your Girl’s Favorite DJ,” and – classy! — a T-shirt with lipstick print conveniently positioned over his crotch area. And speaking of crotch area, what Guidette doesn’t need a pair of Pauly panties? STDs not included.

How long before we’ll see The Situation’s line of gym shorts or Snooki-customized Bumpits?

Also, I have to ask if anyone else is shocked that these dudes do laundry EVERY DAY. Maybe it’s because I’m lazy, and own enough underwear, to do it about once every two weeks. Even if you put your gym clothes, your beach-day clothes, and your fist-pumping club wear all in the washer, that’s still not a full load. Is anyone else disturbed by people doing laundry every day?

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