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Alexander McQueen's New York City boutique, usually an eye-catching storefront thanks to its bold patterns and colors, was attention-grabbing for different reasons today, hours after news of the designer's death was revealed. Mourners have turned the store into a makeshift memorial, one that pays respect with flowers strewn in front of the now-covered main window. The staff of nearby Edris Salon left a bouquet of white roses and lavender, while another fan left a flower with a note for McQueen (left), which read: "You will be greatly missed. You thrilled us all with your couture vision."

Indeed, McQueen was known for his envelope-pushing designs, but today, all that was visible from the storefront was the little that could be seen through the front door, which was kept accessible for those who were actually allowed in and out of the store.

The store was abuzz with staffers running around and turning to their phones and Blackberrys every few minutes, a rare appearance for most high-end stores, which are known for their sparsely populated — not to mention quiet — space. Part of the bustle may have been due to the cancellation of today's scheduled McQ show for New York Fashion Week, but some of the other frenzy was caused by one bold-faced name in particular.

Longtime friend Naomi Capmbell, who's currently in town for Fashion Week, was in the boutique, and though it was unclear what went on in the boutique, when she left the the store, Campbell made her way to an Escalade with two females in tow, one of whom was wearing McQueen's famous skull-print scarf. And she wasn't the only one. Many others came in and out of the store wearing McQueen's signature accessory, possibly paying homage to a designer that ranked as one of the few lasting masters of couture. If McQueen's popularity during his too-short life was any indication, his posthumous success will be unmatched.

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Photo: Archana Ram

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