In a seven-and-a-half minute video posted to YouTube from a concert last night in Nashville, John Mayer embarks on a lengthy and tearful mea culpa from the stage, repeatedly apologizing for the controversial comments he made in recent no-inner-monologue interviews in Playboy and Rolling Stone.

Those published Q&As—in which, among other things, he uses the N-word, compares his penis to a white supremacist, and describes former paramour Jessica Simpson as both “like crack cocaine to me” and “sexual napalm”—have owned the internet for several days; gleefully recounting MayerGate 2010 online seems to have become a more popular Winter Olympic sport than speed skating, curling, and pairs ice-dancing combined.

Watch Mayer below, eviscerating himself for falling into “a wormhole of selfishness, greediness and arrogance”:

He has also repeatedly taken himself to task on his own Twitter, saying, among other things, “They don’t make rehab centers for being an a-hole.” Regarding some his more explicit Playboy comments, several figures in the hip-hop community, may nevertheless like to see him enter a professional facility of some sort, preferably one enforcing extended vows of priestly silence. And Simpson and Aniston would probably drive the intake van.

What do you think, readers? Has he earned a pass on this, hood or otherwise? Will the future bring a quieter, less soundbite-prone Mayer, or will he soon be back to his old-dog tricks?

In the video clip, he appears to be genuinely contrite, unless he has recently developed SAG-worthy acting skills that we are unaware of. Though fulfilling his final pledge—“I quit the media game. I’m out. I’m done. I just want to play my guitar”—seems as though it may require a complete personality transplant, rather than a short-term spasm of regret, no matter how heartfelt.

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