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On last night’s Cougar Town, Jules, the lady you kind of hate because she brags about not having spent a Valentine’s Day alone since she was 11, couldn’t handle being single for the Hallmark holiday even though she is SO. HAPPY. TO BE SINGLE! in general. If you peered really hard through a few layers of sarcasm and button-downs, you could tell that her paper buddy Grayson seemed pretty bummed out about being alone, too. So the way he Santa-pimped out Ellie’s house as a surprise to Jules — complete with wacky inflatable car sale guy! — was even sweeter. I think the genuine moment they shared — “Thanks for doing this.” “No problem.” — hints more strongly at a possible relationship than any to date.

Meanwhile, Jules and Bobby put their (read: her) equal-opportunity parenting policy to use as Travis entered the $14-bottle-of-wine-soaked wonderful world of social drinking. I loved Bobby’s repeated insistence that he was just a phone call away from his son, no matter what shenanigans he’d engaged in. (Reminds me of my dad! Awwww.) Great unlikely character pairings this week — Grayson joined the coffee circle, which means now Ellie gets to boss him around (“HERE’S YOUR BUSH”), and the turmoil Andy suffered after calling Laurie trashy to suck up to Smith’s dad was a cool way to remind us — and themselves — that Andy and Laurie are actually good friends. Loved that Ellie stuck up for her faux-nemesis Laurie, too. Oh, right, everyone got to meet Smith Frank, Laurie’s preppy new boyfriend with “cuh-razy” socks. I thought Smith’s father went way overboard with hating Laurie on sight — he remarked to Andy at dinner that “she looks like she belongs on a mud flap” — which is a funny image, but seriously? There are SO many people trashier than Laurie. She has the best dresses and beautiful hair! Come on! Sorry, I’m taking this a bit personally, and I know the show was trying to drive home the disparity in class/wealth and not just her looks. But I’ll say is again. LAURIE IS AWESOME.

My favorite part of the episode was one you might not have caught since it was tacked onto the end: Laurie and Mr. Frank — apparently now friends — tricked Smith into believing that Mr. Frank had some sort of heart attack and collapsed after Smith dramatically gifted Laurie a Valentine’s Day bauble…even though the trick was supposed to be on dad. Got all that? Anyway, the ep saved the absolute most hilarious moment for last: Laurie headed in for a “fist pound” and Mr. Frank — back in his snobbery bubble — brushed her off with a callous “Meh.” So great.


“No, but he can pass for anything. That’s why his career is on fire.” –Andy to Mr. Frank, who wondered if The Rock was Hispanic.

“You don’t husk the corn?” Jules to Grayson, now the proud owner of of his very own baby bush from Ellie

“The scar from my c-section has a hair growing in it now!” –Jules, only to discover the hair had a Valentine buddy and she still did not

“This Valentine’s Day, I want the same thing you gave me when you were 5: A kiss on the lips” –Jules to Travis. Who thinks that’s creepy? (Ellie and Laurie subtly raise their hands.)

“Hey. Let’s go home quick so we can knock one out.” –Laurie to Smith, who likes that he never wonders what she’s thinking

What did you think of last night’s episode? And what’s cooler: Jazz Sharks or Trash Raccoons?

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