Each day this week leading up to the opening of the Winter Olympics (Friday, 7:30 p.m. ET, NBC), PopWatch on Ice presents a Top 5 list from Scott Hamilton, the 1984 men’s figure skating gold medalist who heads to Vancouver to call his sixth Games. Today’s topic: The 5 times he was a littletoo excited in the broadcast booth. Check out his countdown, then tell us which moment had you a little too animated in your living room.

5. 2002 Salt Lake Pairs event when I reacted to the marks of Salé and Pelletier that ended up putting them in second place. I might have freaked a little bit.

4. 1985 World Figure Skating Championships. I think I was yelling at the top of my lungs during the whole Men’s event. To be totally honest, I think I was just thrilled that I was professional and not in the event. It was an amazing group of skaters that would have all kicked my backside.

3. 1992 Olympic Pairs event. It was my first Olympics as a broadcaster. The first event at that Olympics. I was awful. Every television critic wanted me off the air. So did I. [EW: Hamilton may be right — we couldn’t find any clips of his pairs competition commentary on YouTube. This clip is from the exhibition. We find him surprisingly contained, considering what he’s watching…]

2. Paul Wylie’s 1992 Long Program that won him the Silver Medal. I have known Paul like a younger brother for so long that I got very choked up at the fact that he had come so far and was about to see his dream come true. At least I didn’t sob! That would have been hard to outlive.

1. The most excited I ever got about doing the Olympics was when they hired Tracy Wilson to do the Ice Dance event. I have never really understood it and always felt stupid doing it. I could have done a quintuple backflip when I heard I wouldn’t be doing that anymore. [EW: Hamilton is lucky. What does one say about the “Aboriginal” original dance Russia’s OksanaDomnina and Maxim Shabalin will be skating in Vancouver?]