A mystery billboard in Wyoming, Minn. is attracting lots of buzz today, in part because everyone wants to talk about it, but no one, it seems, knows much about it yet. (Seriously: For a great lesson on news in the virtual age, witness the initial speculation that the shot was a digital fake. Then when Minnesota NPR’s Bob Collins blogged that he had driven past it on I-35, he wrote that he immediately got calls from Fox News and MSNBC asking him to appear and talk about the billboard. He declined incredulously, because the only thing he had to offer was he’d seen it in person.) I’m curious whether the people/person/organization who put it up are actual, ardent, dyed-in-the-wool Bush supporters. There’s something about the shot that’s a little off-center: It’s Bush at his goofiest, closer to Jon Stewart’s heh-heh impression of the former president. What do you think? Have you seen it live and in person? Do you think it’s courtesy of a Bush friend or foe? And perhaps most importantly, do you miss Dubya?