By Kerrie Mitchell
Updated July 30, 2020 at 04:29 PM EDT

Last night on the Jay Leno Show, Leno addressed his and David Letterman’s (and Oprah’s!) surprise Super Bowl promo for The Late Show. (Our esteemed Ken Tucker blogged all about it.) We’re still talking about the ad around the office, in part because we’re all trying to figure out one crucial thing: Who came out of it looking the best? It was quite a coup all around, as our colleague Lynette Rice’s reporting attests, but there was one quote in particular she got from Letterman producer Rob Burnett that has stuck with me since I read her interview with him. At one point, Burnett quotes Leno as saying, “This is the way show business should be.” It seems to get at an essential truth at the heart of all this late-night mess: That no matter what’s going on between the personalities involved, in the end, the true pros will put anything aside for the sake of a good bit. That Letterman, Leno, (and Oprah!) got that immediately speaks well of them, I think, as entertainers. Who do you think came off looking the best? Did it rehab Jay in your minds?

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