By Margaret Lyons
Updated February 09, 2010 at 09:59 PM EST

Google unveiled its next foray into social media today: Google Buzz. It’s a sharing functionality built right into Gmail, and it looks pretty.

And pretty darn familiar. Gee, what is that other thing that matches up with my Gmail contacts, where we…share stuff…not just with friends but with everyone… hm… Oh right: The whole Internet Twitter and Facebook.

That said, e-mail existed before Gmail, I used AIM and iChat before Gchat launched — hell, I used Yahoo! before I used Google in the first place. Google doesn’t need to be first, it just needs to be better, easier, more intuitive, and more useful. Er…easy peasy?

I’m most pleased that I will now have some way to keep track of all my dorked-out status messages from Gmail. I change mine several times a day, as an incredibly lame point of pride (I’m def going to die alone), so at least now when I’m searching for that stupid letter-dropping game that I know I linked to somehow, it’ll actually show up. (It was that, btw).

Are you a-buzz, PopWatchers?